Why we hate to have Dairy Milk Chocolates on Festivals


Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolates Commercials are quite interesting these days. I’m observing their pattern and strategy to position their product.

Commercial 1 : Theme :Have Sweet Before doing a good work

In this commercial a smart looking guy at a bus stop approaches a teenage girl having her Dairy Milk Chocolate the conversation goes like this.

  • Boy : Can I have a byte?
  • Girl : Do I know you?
  • Boy : No
  • Girl : Then?
  • Boy : My mom always says before doing any good work you should have sweet.
  • The convinced with the answer and gives him a byte from her chololate and asks
  • Girl : What good thing are you going to do?
  • Boy : I was thinking to drop you at your home.


Commercial 2 : Have Dairy Milk on Festivals (Cast : Aditya, Priya Anand)

In this commercial, Wife was sad on Deepavali Festival. The conversation goes like this.

  • Wife : If we are married on our parents approval, we would have celebrated this Deepavali with them.
  • Husband : I would have showed some status before them
  • Bell rings
  • Husband : Go and see may be your parents have come
  • Wife opens door and see a plate full of Dairy milk chocolates with flowers and fruits and their parents arrives.
  • Wife : (To husband) See who have visited us?
  • Parents : It’s all planned by your husband. He booked tickets as well for us.

In India it’s a custom that people have sweet before starting a good work, or on auspicious occasions like marriages and festivals, or on hearing a good news. But it’s always fixed to the traditional sweets that people prepare at house or if nothing is available the raw sugar. Dairy Milk is trying to position themselves in this category.

The commercial try to convey the message that People can have Chocolate instead of traditional sweets. But I think it’s a wrong strategy at least in Indian scenario. May be in US and other western countries people use chocolates on festivals like Christmas etc. But in India each and every festivals and the food including sweets have their own tradition and customs. No body can imagine having Dairy milk chocolates as sweets on Ganesha Chaturthi instead of Modaks. The same hols good for most of the festivals in India. Festivals and the food associated with it have it’s own scientific as well as religious reason. It is followed from thousands of years and It cannot be changed so easily.

Chocolates have their own domain. It’s always portrayed as youths product. Lovers, girls, children like to eat. Cadbury and it’s ad agency are seriously wrong in positioning the product without understanding the people and culture of India. They need to reconsider and have a clear strategy Idea before doing such ads.

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