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Telling others about oneself is the most difficult thing. You don't have a single clue where to start. I'm not used to directly telling people about myself. I like people to know about me through my work than telling it myself. But since you are here undoubtedly to find out who I am, I should tell something about me, so that you will not get disappointed. At least telling some thing even in haphazard way is much better than not telling anything.

I need not to say that my name is Ravi as my blog name suggests. Born and grown up in a typical Indian middle class family with lot of dreams (Chote chote ankome bada bada sapna….). Completed schooling in one of the residential school wondering who am I? Why I born as a human being? Until I complete my primary school I didn’t have any idea about what I want to become or what I want in life (as many of us grown up like that only. Also I didn’t have many options to choose from being in a middle class family). I used to say I will become doctor, engineer and all other fancy designations that my parents used to fill in my mind according to their ambitions and fantasies.

Personality & Passions

I’m an introvert and humble guy. I rarely talk to strangers. I’ll Talk less and work more. I like I should be known by the work that I do. I like solitude. I’ve very few friends, but they are true friends of mine. I can understand complexities of computers than people (That’s why Psychology always attracts me – How one can easily understand people?).

I love to read books and magazines. We had a very good collection of books in our school library. So I became an active member of readers club. By that way I used to read lot of novels. That really helped me to shape my personality, character and helped me to know about my self. I like to read Yandamoori Veerendranath, Poorna Chandra Tejasvi and Ravi Belegere.

For me work and hobbies are not different. I want to live each and every moment happy. So I want to work where I can see the purpose. Whatever I do, I do it passionately. My passions include creative arts, designing, Blogging, Technology, Business, Psychology, Spirituality, history and much more. I really wonder having so diversified interests, where I will head. I really don’t know the answer. But whatever I do, I enjoy doing it.

I will be more creative when I left alone and given full responsibility. I emphasize more on quality rather than quantity. The work that demands creativity will attracts me a lot. (No wonder Movies, Music and Advertisement are my passion – I love to be in these industries)

Planning and organizing events are my favorite things. I realized my passion towards these things in my school days. Where I used actively take part in all those competitions, events or sports not as a participant but as an organizer. (Yeah I’m also participant in some events and competitions like quizzes and debates).

Education & Career

I’ve done my graduation in computer applications. Then I worked in a small firm as a computer instructor and graphic designer (As it a very small firm I was everything there which you cannot attach any designations). Later I’ve completed my MBA in Finance and currently working for a software company as Business Analyst.

The End

So….that’s it. That’s me. The crazy and the even crazier. Not what you expected, I’m sure, but an insight into my life nonetheless. Now have fun learning more about me through all the other stuff I’ve made/written/done, as scattered about this website :-D. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Unknown said...

I liked your self-description.Think I should do a CtrlC+Ctrl V ;-)

Newsbird said...

Hi Shridhar,
Thanks for the compliment. You can do Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. But please don't forget to change your name and interests.
Hope you will also like to read About My Blogs

Anonymous said...

Nice job Ravi. You are covered all the things which is really inspire people in the all the mean. Thanks again for a good job.

Raajeev Thakur
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Rajeswari Mahesh said...

Hi Ravi, I am Rajeswari Mahesh, A Professional Mehendi Artist. I am so impressed about your self portrait. I am trying to seek a help from a computer sawvy to improve my business and I think you are one. Dont get me wrong. Hope you would help. If you like to talk further, please drop an email to raji_m100@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Well ravi ur self description is very good indeed, we are citymates.

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