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After a long gap, I'm back to blogging. This time with my own domain name www.ravisblognet.com. The whole process of setting up the blog, designing, choosing templates and platform etc. has taken up most of my time from past few months. I enjoyed a lot this whole process while lot of new things I learned which I will be sharing in my Technology section in my future posts.

I choose www.ravisblognet.com as my domain name because my blog is not a single blog. Instead it is a collection of various blogs which I divided based on my interests. You can find the link to all those blogs in the right side column. It’s my network of blogs. This blog will act as a index for my all other blogs and blog for miscellaneous posts that won't comes under any of other categories that I own.

Mean while I’d like to thank few people for their great support in bringing this blog to you. My first thanks to Navdeep & Naveen brothers of Dezinerfolio.com for their wonderful creative wordpress template. I also thank Mr.Jack of jackbook.com. They converted the wordpress theme designed by dezinerfolio to blogger template and also converted two column template to three column one. Which I used here with mild changes according to my requirements. With that I visited more than 200 blogs to learn the art of blogging and designing. Thanks to all of them. Though I’m not able to list all those blogs here, I’ll will be linking to their blogs later when I start posting about my blogging experience in Technology section.

Now let me introduce you with my first post. My first post will be in my Education Section(Named "VIDYA" - means education in Sanskrit) one of my favorite topics of interest.

Recently While I was browsing through NASSCOMs website I came across their industry communiqué to academia - 8th issue. It speaks about various measures taken by NASSCOM to increase the efficiency of IT Workforce in India. Among that the opinion article by Prof. P S Gill

attracted me, on which I'm commenting as my first post in the VIDYA Section under the heading "Will Exams improve your skills?".

You can subscribe to my blog through your RSS Reader or through e-mail to get the posts and updates. Mean while don’t forget to leave your comments and valuable feedback. Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

Go on writing. As I see you have the potential to become a great writer as you are empowered with both the technology and the learning. Good job, carry on.

admin said...

hey hi thanks for visiting my blog and also for your opinions..your blog is cool too:)keep blogging ..see u later..take care

Anonymous said...

hey ..nice to be here..
good template..
keep blogging

Anonymous said...

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