Shinjini Sen gupta case whom to blame


The reality show in a private Bangla TV channel has sent a teenage girl to hospital. There are lot of outrages and protests against the show. Whom to blame?

Shingini Sen Gupta is a 16 year old girl from Kolkata. She was a good dancer, has acted in tele-serials and has even appeared in a Bengali film. She participated in a reality dance Show of a private Bangla TV Channel on May 19th, 2008. She lost her voice and movement after she was allegedly rebuked by a TV reality show judges on May 19 and admitted to NIMHANS Hospital. Bengaluru. Shinjini (16) slipped into depression after being rebuked by judges severely on a reality TV show on May 19. She gradually stopped talking and became paralyzed.
If we carefully observe the issue it’s very clear that the whole education system, parents and community to be held responsible for such a tragedy. We can’t blame reality shows because it’s conducted to explore the hidden talents and provide an opportunity to showcase them. In any competition it’s common that one will win and others will loose. But it’s also true that majority of the aspirants are not even able to reach the stage. In such situation, getting entry into a reality show should be viewed as an opportunity to showcase their talent rather than just competition.

Reality Shows are also responsible
Yes! The judges should be bit more supportive and should encourage participants to accept and correct their mistakes instead of being harsh on them. I know these judges are instructed by the organizers to be harsh on candidates just to bring a curiosity, anxiety and dramatic touch into the show. But it’s not justifiable. They don’t have any rights to damage people’s dignity and self-respect.

Parents – The responsible and the sufferers
Parents are directly responsible for her condition today. It’s their responsibility to teach their pupils to be sportive. Today the parents, relatives and peers are putting lot of pressure and tension on their children. It’s a big mistake. They always compare their children with others and don’t let them find their strengths and weakness. Having a successful child is a big status quo. Under such condition, children will become very stubborn and over confident about themselves and they can’t accept even a small downfall.

Because of their mistake, they are the biggest sufferers today. I’ve seen their parents blaming judges and reality show for their daughter’s condition. Didn’t they know that the reality shows are conducted like that? Didn’t they know that their child can’t face such situation? If they didn’t, there is a big gap between them. They didn’t understand their child yet. They have made their child a frog in the well and sent to an ocean to swim. How is it possible?

Today’s children are so sensible that they can’t even manage a simple real-time problem for themselves. It’s very important to make children a better human being than just successful, because life is too short to rub the shoulders.

It’s very unfortunate to be in such a world where social status is more important than children. It’s very unfortunate that she has fallen to depression and severe mental illness after the show. We hope she will recover soon and become normal.

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Maliny said...

i absolutely agree with you...its high time the government looked into this matter.parents have taken these shows as a short cut for their children to gain easy fame and money.why do they to inject such kind of unhealthy spirit and competition into the minds of young children.i think our people are giving unneccessary importance to the world of entertainment.why cant people consider it as just a field like the other fields in which they work?is it something special?the concept itself should change.the government should keep an age limit for the children to appear in such shows.also there should be a code of conduct for the judges.these judges are not their bosses right?..and the children are not working for them.then why such right over them.there should be a limit to every thing.and also the children should be given the proper counseling by the parents before they attempt such shows.

Newsbird said...

Hi Mia,
It's absolutely right that people give lot of importance to media and TV channels because of the name, fame and also the glamor that it gives to the participants.

About judges, I don't think anybody in the field of arts and music will be so harsh on children. I held responsible the organizers who instruct judges to be harsh and bring some masala touch to these shows that increases the TRP rates.

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