BJP Karnataka Stop bluffing Start Working


BJP Govt. in Karnataka is celebrating completing it’s 100 successful days of forming first BJP Govt. in South India. Many advertisements are also released in many national and state newspapers. But apart from some of the BJP Leaders nobody is in a mood to celebrate the same. Even within BJP there is some differences among leaders over it’s ‘Operation Lotus’. 
Still BJP leaders are in the mood of celebrating their success in South India and also securing their power. It’s better for them to come out of that mood and start working on fulfilling their election promises. As the Lokasabha elections are fast approaching it’s time for action rather than relaxation. Already there is a big mess created in Karnataka by both ruling and opposition parties. 
Right from the day BJP acquired power in Karnataka, they are on the tough path. Lack of Fertilizer issue, Golibar and killings of farmers, Low intensity blasts at Bangalore is still a miracle, suicides of farmers, Gokarna issue, Amrita Mahal issue. The list of issues arise within these 100days are very long. It seems like each and every day either BJP Govt. is giving rise to new issue if not them the oppositions are doing the same.
Now it’s time for action for BJP. It’s very crucial for them to win majority of seats in Karnataka for Lokasabha elections. 

The entry of Chiranjeevi to Andhra politics has a major impact on both Congress and BJP. It’s sure Chiranjeevi will grab some of the seats available for these two parties. In Tamil Nadu they have some chance to grab more seats. If we observe the Tamil Nadu politics the elections will be always against the ruling party. So now Karunanidhi’s DMK is ruling TN. BJP have already clearly mentioned that they are not going to invite DMK for NDA. They also hinted that they will invite Jayalalitha’s AIADMK. So this might help them to win in some major portion of the state. 
BJP and opposition both have already created a big havoc in Karnataka, They are also successful in creating bad opinion about BJP. At least now if they don’t stop attracting other party leaders and promptly resolving the issues and start development process, People will definitely going to teach them a good lessons in forth coming Loksabha elections.


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