Blind Westernization - The biggest Destroyer of India and World.


If we think of Ancient India, It’s very rich. Not just in terms of money or resources. It’s rich in it’s Culture, Values, Ethics, Education, Knowledge, Wisdom, Tradition, Religion, Spirituality, Architecture, Science, Technology, Literature, Language, Business, Practices, Society, Political system, Social system, Health care. Yes! Truly Incredible India. It’s complete in each and every sense of human life. The life that perfectly aligned with the Nature, Environment and God.

But the post Islamic attacks the country and it’s richness was under sever threat.  But still it was able to manage it’s glory. But when the Europeans stepped in this country, everything started diminishing. The British are the most culprits. Before they ruined our resources, they ruined our minds then they were able to rule India. They destroyed our education system: the strongest pillar our richness and introduced their system to prepare clerks.  

Once India was ruling the whole world without invading it by it’s rich values, and power of knowledge. But today the westernization is prevailing all over the world. And their value is money. The power of money. Money makes any thing and buys everything. You can measure everything by money. Even the natures gifts like water, soil, oxygen also not an exception. Today people are blind about everything except money. Everyone needs only money nothing else. You can see this effect even in the rural India. Ones knowledge, wisdom, intelligence is measured by his or her pay scale or how much they can earn.

Once upon a time, Poverty was not a bane. Though you cannot afford many things in life, people are still happy and content with their limitations and availability of resources and money. Money never overtake ones moral values. Today poor people suffer not because of their poverty but the inferiority complex in front of rich.

But see the scenario today. Every one wants to become rich quickly. For that sake they can kill anything, or anyone. Every where you can see the greed, unhealthy competition and comparison. Only way to improve your social status is to increase your wealth. Only study those courses that lands you in a big pay scale job. Where we are moving? is a biggest question.  Why we are becoming so worst. We are worst than any living being on earth.

India is the land of Ayurveda. It has not just evolved a system of medicine but it evolved a system of public health through Ayurveda. Each and every home used to have a person expert in Ayurveda and used to treat people using the medicines available in nature. Even the most developed country also not able to achieve public health to such an extent. But we have done that. but see the condition today, we are lacking proper public health system. People in rural areas suffer from disease and nobody willing to go there and treat them because they can’t earn well. This is just an example how a country and it’s glory vanished because of blind westernization. Today we think that whatever comes from foreign country is superior and whatever Indigenous is of poor quality.

We never evolve, rise, or improve our conditions till we realize the temporal values of money. The truth that money is not everything, it’s just a mere necessity of life.  The truth that we the human beings have created money and there are many things on earth that this money can’t buy. The truth that we cannot measure everything by money. And the biggest truth that our values, culture, spirituality, wisdom and Indigenous things are far better than that we adopt from foreign countries. And the truth that western countries ruined not just our resources but our minds also. That is the biggest loss.

Hope at least now we think about it and prove the world that we can have our own system and preserve whatever they destroyed during their ruling here. What do say?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr.Ravi for your valuable comments in my blog.I seriously appreciate your equal concern about our nation.

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