Slumdog Millionaire is a total crap for Oscar


If you think the title is bit harsh. I can't help it. That's what I feel after watching Slumdog Millionaire. The movie that is so overrated and hyped fails to keep the expectations. Apart from that it's a product of mean minded man called Danny Boyle.

You can't even imagine putting 'Slumdog Millionaire' anywhere near 'Lagaan.' Eight Oscar Awards!!! I really doubt the integrity of Judges in Oscar. It's totally biased result. Just because it is directed by a white man it doesn't deserve Oscars.

Finally nobody understands what Mr.Boyle wants to prove or show the world with this movie? The movie don't have a strong storyline. But making a good screenplay out of such weak storyline is a real challenge. And really it deserves Oscar for that. Even the film editing deserves one.

I see nothing that makes this movie better than Lagaan which truly deserves Oscar for all the work. It's inspiring and strong storyline, Screenplay, Direction, Music, Lyrics, Songs, Acting. Apart from the fact that it's bit long narration, it's one of the historic film that deserves any award. But the people at Oscars think that even the crap directed by an Englishman is better than masterpiece directed by an Indian.

Apart from that the poverty always sells well in western world. All those travelers who visit India takes photographs of slums and villages to show them in their country as real India. They are the one who ruined our resources and richness in every aspect,and now want to show the world that blunder they have done to India and laugh.

They don't want to see the rich India and Intelligent Indians. They always want see India as poor country and land of snake charmers, and idiots. The Slumdog Millionaire is the product of one such cheap mentality. They have glorified the slums in Mumbai to prove their point.

Don't worry Englishmen. We will come back. We will come back like phoenix. We will come back from all the mud and crap that you pour on us over hundreds of years. We will show you what India is and what an Indian can do? The mission is already started and just wait and see.

Movie Review : Slumdog Millionaire Movie Review

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